Movement disorders encompass a variety of conditions affecting the nervous system at multiple levels. The pathological processes underlying movement disorders alter normal neural function and could lead to aberrant neuroplastic changes and to clinical phenomenology that are not expressed merely through motor symptoms.Given this complexity, the responsiveness to pharmacological and surgical therapies is often disappointing. Growing evidence supports the efficacy of neurorehabilitation for the treatment of movement disorders. Specific forms of training involving both goal-based practice and aerobic training could drive and modulate neuroplasticity to restore the circuitries dysfunctions and to achieve behavioral gains.

 In this perspective we propose a cycle of monthly webinars, “PILLS on PD Rehabilitation”: an overview on rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease and other Movement Disorders with suggestions on specific, tailored rehabilitation strategies that should be adopted for the management of different movement disorders.

 The objective of this webinar series is to bring the PD biomedical community together to advance knowledge in PD neurorehabilitation.  Mid-career, Senior career stage and early career professionals, generally doctoral level, post-doc, fellow and up to assistant professor, will present ongoing and recently completed research and scholarship.

 This cycle of webinars could be added to the substantial resources with which the Fresco Parkinson Institute provides for the multidisciplinary team of professionals towards an integrated and comprehensive model of care with a tailored approach for people living with Parkinson’s disease and other Movement Disorders.

Chair: Daniele Volpe

Argentine Tango  - Madeleine E. Hackney

Irish Set Dancing - Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain/Amanda Cliord


Chair: Mark Hirsch

Visual and Oculomotor Deficits in Parkinson’s disease  - Maria Felice Ghilardi

Does Art Therapy Improve Visual-Oculomotor Functions in Parkinson’s disease? - Alberto Cucca


Chair: Elisa Pelosin

Integrated Fitness and rehabilitation for a lifetime - Becky Farley


Chair: Daniele Volpe

Pathophysiology of face in Parkinson’s disease  Matteo Bologna

Face Expression: the Mirror of our Emotions Lucia Ricciardi


Chair: Alfonso Fasano

From neurophysiology to pathophysiology of Gait in PD Laura Avanzino

Applied neurophysiology/pathophysiology into physiotherapy of Gait in PD Anat Mirelman


Chair: Mark A. Hirsch

Pathophysiological bases of rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease  Giovanni Abbruzzese

Update on physiotherapy in Parkinson’s disease Terry Ellis


Chair: Daniele Volpe

Exercise Boosts Dopamine Release Margaret E. Rice

From neurons to neighborhoods: Collaborative patient-centered exercise in Parkinson's disease Mark A. Hirsch


Chair: Alessandro Di Rocco

Insights on the Parkinson Pandemic - Michael S. Okun

How to deal with the Parkinson Pandemic? - Peter Schmidt


Chair: Angelo Quartarone

Update on Neuroplasticity in Parkinson’s disease  Mark Hallet

Neuroplasticity and Motor Learning : which relationship? Maria Felice Ghilardi


Chair: Monica Gillette

Update on dance in Parkinson’s disease  Meg Morris

Dance from the perspective of the professional dancer Sara Houston